A Key Triad of Mitochondrial Support Nutrients - Video 2

See below for the second installment of “Mitochondrial Medicine” where Dr. Jon Kaiser highlights three of the most important nutrients for supporting and enhancing mitochondrial functioning:



  • Paul
    Paul Tuesday, 22 March 2016 17:15 Comment Link

    Jean Sucec, have you ever been seen by a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor? Perhaps you have Lyme Disease.

  • Terryl Todd
    Terryl Todd Thursday, 17 March 2016 05:24 Comment Link

    Vegetarian 1968
    Yoga & Meditation 1969
    HIV 1980
    AIDS 1996
    First ARV 1999
    ARV degradation 2012, given 16 mg/day prednisone for 2 months--(platelets 6k, diabetes, Liver Hep C, unable to effectively meditate, insomnia, stiffness, weakness, frequent digestion collapse, various revolving pains, bug biting sensations, pigment separation, etc ...)
    All the NEW ARVs spike glucose & cause lactic acidosis and the previous generation of ARVs will not be prescribed. Having a very hard time fighting the ARV side-effects.
    I look forward to your next report and to obtaining your Mitochondrial Support product. I have not done good Yoga since 2012 and am most anguished that I can not meditate, which is my highest priority of life.

  • Jean Sucec
    Jean Sucec Tuesday, 15 March 2016 21:02 Comment Link

    I have severe CFS for 24 yrs now. Diagnosed back in 1992 by a doctor at Duke University. I was in middle and upper management , when my the rug was pulled from under me and my life turned up side down. Bedridden for 10 yrs, than the pain took over. Pain today, as well as fatigue are my worse symptoms. I have been to some of the best CFS doctors in the country and was told I was in the top 2% of the worse cases seen. I've learned to accept my situation and having no life now, but I will never be happy about this . 1.5 yrs ago I developed horrendous double vision over night. Its taken me 1.5 yrs to get to the right doctors for this. I have Chronic Progressive External Opthamoloplegia and just had major eye surgery 7 week ago to try and correct this night-mere double vision with the worse torisons she has seen in 25 yrs. I have a long way to go to get back my vision, but this IS due to Mithochondria disease which they now feel is also the reason for my pseudo obstruction in intestines.

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